Dialogues on Race and Social Justice

Winfield Artists can facilitate dialogue(s) on race and social issues for your organization that are grounded in U.S. history and focused on fostering a deeper understanding of current events. We have developed a pedagogy based on listening that aims to cultivate trust and connectedness while acknowledging the often painful truths about racism in America. We can collaborate with your group to determine the themes that are most useful toward achieving your institutional goals. Themes we have worked with include: dialogues on the writing of James Baldwin, discussions on John Lewis’ final message (published in 2020), and understanding the “poisoned well” of racism in the U.S. Read more about our approach to facilitating dialogue in this article by Dr. Swindall in New Jersey Studies: “Four Ways to (Re)Consider Facilitating Discussions on Race and Social Justice.

We have worked with private companies, public libraries, community organizations, and school groups with content geared toward high school-aged audiences and adult audiences. Winfield Artists can do a single event or a series of discussion sessions based on syllabi we have previously developed or using a new syllabus tailored with themes relevant for your organization. This programming can be adapted for online platforms like Zoom or Microsoft Teams as necessary during the pandemic. Email us for a free consultation on developing productive and meaningful dialogue at your organization.

Dr. Swindall and Mr. Cooper have facilitated discussions on James Baldwin at more than a dozen venues over several years.  Read more about their public discussions on Baldwin in Dr. Swindall’s articles in the international journal James Baldwin Review: “There Is No Texting at James Baldwin’s Table” and “Sitting at Baldwin’s Table.”

What I learned from the James Baldwin discussion series