Letting Go With Laughter

Let Winfield Artists tailor a series of mindfulness sessions for your school or company. Grant Cooper has over twenty years of experience making audiences laugh, and we combine his comic talent with mediation and guided relaxation by Dr. Swindall. This two-fold stress relief practice creates unique moments of zen that rejuvenate the mind and body.

Dr. Swindall has been practicing meditation for over twenty years, and has integrated mindfulness activities into her college classes. She also leads bi-weekly guided relaxation and meditation sessions at Stevens Institute, the university where she teaches. Her sessions have reached hundreds of students and staff.

The benefits of meditation are being well documented by scientists. Winfield Artists believes that laughter also has healing qualities, and we would love to bring laughter and positive energy to your group!

Read How Our Audiences Have Responded

“The moments of zen helped me relax and de-stress … They reminded me that I cannot afford to run myself ragged all the time, and that I have to be able to make time for myself … ”

“The comedy was a great touch to the moment of zen really helping everyone loosen up.  With all the stress of finals … taking a minutes just to relax and close my eyes really helped me a lot.”

“The moments of zen became more meaningful to me each week they transpired and provide a great stress reliever.”

“Personally, the moments of zen every class noticeably made a difference for the rest of the day.  With stress being gone for a little [while] I was able to clear my mind and then properly focus when we were done.”

“I really appreciated and enjoyed Grant Cooper’s comedy bit as well – laughter is the best medicine!”

“I feel that having [Cooper] as part of our moment of zen, or rather our moment of laughter, was very effective in lightning the mood and providing for a more calm and relaxed environment.”

“I had never considered meditation as a stress reliever, but after this semester I will continue to take two or three minutes out of my day to relax myself.”

“A little comic relief goes a long way through the stresses of finals.”

“It genuinely improved my willingness, aptitude, and dedication throughout the semester.”

“Before this class, I did not have anything to get me energized and awake.  However, [the] moments of zen gave me the stress relief and oxygen my brain needed to start my day off right.”

“I love listening to comedy and find it very relaxing and recharging to laugh.  I thank you for taking the time to teach us about meditation.”

“I believe I will carry this method of stress relief with me for the rest of my life.”

“Simply laughing … made me relax.  Overall, I can honestly say that guided meditation is effective in relaxing and it is also a healthy way to lower stress.”