Mr. Cooper and Dr. Swindall discuss scenario-based training on The Entrepreneur Show.

What is Scenario-Based Training?

Scenario-Based Training:

Places your staff into real-time scenarios with professional actors who portray the people with whom your staff will interact.

Is a hands-on, live, interactive training tool.

Uses actors who are trained to actively listen, read tone and body language to improvise realistic scenarios.

Does not let your staff off the hook in difficult conversations as role playing with colleagues often does.

Winfield Artists can support scenario-based training session(s) at your organization by:

  • Providing actors of all types who have been vetted and have rehearsed specific scenarios for your organization’s needs.
  • Providing guidance on best practices for new scenario-based training programs.
  • Developing original scenarios based on interactions that have occurred in your organization.
  • Offering feedback during training from senior actor/trainers.
  • Including meditation or mindfulness training along with scenario-based training.
  • Including improvisational activities for team building at your organization.

Winfield Artists Specializes in Scenario-Based Training For:

  • Conducting difficult conversations.
  • Engaging with diversity, equity and inclusion issues.
  • Interacting with people who suffer from mental illness or are emotionally disturbed.
  • Placing job candidates into real-life situations.

Scenario Based Training Samples