Mr. Cooper and Dr. Swindall discuss scenario-based training on The Entrepreneur Show.

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Using actors and specific scenarios can be a very effective form of training because it places trainees directly into live situations where they must use their new skills.  This format can be adapted to a wide range of training programs whether it is live training or training that will be filmed for future use.  Scenario-based training works especially well for racial and gender sensitivity training, compliance training, and any kind of training where employees are interacting with the general public.

In addition to general workplace climate around race, gender, ability, LGBTQ issues, training can be framed around specific themes including microaggressions, unconscious bias, and hiring/promotion practices.  Winfield Artists also specializes in providing training for employees who interact with the mentally ill. Recently, Winfield Artists has been working with scenario-based training programs for teachers and administrators in charter schools.

Winfield Artists offers a range of services to launch and support scenario-based training programs.  Choose from any of the services below or contact Winfield Artists to discuss the specific needs of your organization.

Winfield Artists can:

§  Provide actors of all types for live training who have been vetted, and have rehearsed specific scenarios for the training your organization needs.

§  Provide a director, videographer and/or actors for scenario-based training that will be filmed.

§  Provide guidance on best practices for new scenario-based training programs.

§  Provide original scripts based on scenarios from your company or organization.

§  Provide consulting services from clinicians, senior actors, or academicians to oversee scenario-based training programs.

§ Include meditation or mindfulness training along with scenario-based training.

Scenario Based Training Samples